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SEASON A March 1st-May 31st, 2021

SEASON B June 3rd-August 31st, 2021

SEASON C 2021 September 3rd-November 30th

SEASON D December 3-28, 2021


Target audience: Buyers, press, and other industry stakeholders


Registration period: Anytime

(However, the following maintenance period is excluded)

・ September 1-2, 2021

・ December 1-2, 2021


Those who have registered as members of the online exhibition of rooms can log in with the same ID and PW at any session.


Creative celebration  ROOMS 43

Prior "visit registration" is required to visit the venue.

We look forward to your visit.


Dates: October 21, 2021 (Thursday), 22nd (Friday), 23rd (Saturday)

Thursday, October 21st, 10am-6pm BUSINESS ONLY

Friday, October 22 10am-5pm BUSINESS ONLY

** NIGHT MARKET Friday, October 22 5pm-9pm FOR EVERYBODY

Saturday, October 23, 10 am-5pm FOR EVERYBODY

Location: Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Square

-Request to all visitors-

Rooms will be held after taking sufficient measures based on the guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection.

・ Please wear a mask and practice cough etiquette.  

・ We have installed a disinfectant solution. Thank you for your cooperation in disinfecting your fingers.  

・ Those who are not in good physical condition or who have fever or cold symptoms are not allowed to enter.

・ We carry out temperature measurement at the time of visit. If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, please refrain from entering the museum.

・ Payment at the venue is non-cash (cashless) only.


Other, for COVID-19 measures against infectious diseases, here please check the.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Creative celebration  ROOMS 43 Visit registration


​Industry insider


Please apply from the "visit registration" below.

We will send you an invitation at least one week before the session.

Up to 2 people can enter each month with one invitation.

Please bring your invitation and business card with you when you come to the venue.


■ Target

Buyers, press and other industry players

■ Schedule

October 21, 2021 (Thursday), 22nd (Friday), 23rd (Saturday) 3 days visit registration is possible


■ Notes

Please be careful not to forget the invitation.



​General visitors


The general public is invited to visit.

Details regarding your visit will be announced on this page from the beginning of September.

■ Schedule

Friday, October 22, 2021  ** NIGHT MARKET 5pm-9pm
       Saturday, October 23, 10 am-6pm

■ Notes

・ Only industry personnel can enter the venue on October 21st (Thursday) and October 22nd (Friday) from 10:00 to 17:00. Please note that general visitors are not allowed to enter.

・ The event can be re-entered.

・ Junior high school students and younger can enter, but must be accompanied by a guardian.

Visitor info will be available in early September



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43_LIVE SHOWs_sns-27.png

一般来場者対象:対象:どなたでもご利用できます。 クーポン発行画面を受付にてご提示ください。



【クーポン獲得方法】rooms公式LINEアカウントとお友達になる → 事前来場登録 → クーポン発行


① rooms公式LINEアカウントにて、メニューバーの「お買いものクーポン/来場登録」を押します。


② イベント一覧が出てくるので、ご自身の来場条件に合うイベントの「イベント詳細へ」を押します。


③ アンケート入力画面が出てきますので、入力したら「送信」を押します。


④ 上記の画像のようにクーポンのURLが発行されますので、こちらの画面を受付にてご提示ください。


⑤ 左記の画像にあるクーポンのURLからクーポン画面に移ります。こちらは、会場内のレジにてご利用できますので、レジスタッフにご提示ください。