What we think this country should export is



We have held exhibitions by conceiving worldview of various creators as its own room until now.

And we found our thoughts are getting stronger each time:

The thoughts that we would like to deliver pleasure and impression we find there to the lives of people all over the world.

People from various countries get gather here,

Get impression that they have never appreciated, and 
Tell that it is the creation in the future.

And then it will be added as new happiness of life.

The reason that the delicate creativity of this country exists 
is to amaze the world.


Conceiving the worldview of each creator as its own room, we named the gathering of those creators as “rooms”.
ROOMS is the huge creation festival in Japan, which ROOMS is the huge creation festival in Japan, which H.P.FRANCE S.A. established to stimulate the creation scene in 2000. More than ten thousand of group of creators from various categories such as fashion, lifestyle, art, performance, food and drink, etc. have participated in last 20 years. Around 300-400 brands gather in the venue from home and abroad. We have mobilized half a million of people until now, not only business-related people, but the general customers.


Creation for us

Creation for us is a fresh surprise that is different from that in the past, thought out in detail, carefully crafted, has a message based on a unique world view and deep thoughts, colors people’s lives, and brings fulfillment of life. Such a creation gathers from Japan and the world.

Deliver Creation in a new era

By the method of a new era

ROOMS holds a OMO (Online-Merge-Offline) tradeshow for the first time in Japan, open online for 3 months at maximum as well as offline. The online tradeshow provides practical function specifically based on the commercial distribution, and will support business of exhibitors including creators, brands and companies more than ever.




We make various efforts aiming for sustainable and viable actions in the future.


We make various efforts aiming for sustainable and viable actions in the future.

We have reduced power consumption since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. The whole consumption is dramatically reduced by setting the lighting of a booth as an option plan.

We have set up an Ethical area since 2013 and collected brands that are earth- or society- conscious. It allows ethical things to extend far and wide to visitors and the market.


To reexamine the way in which the exhibition business creates a large amount of waste, we have been working with an industrial waste disposal company “Nakadai” since 2015 to recycle needle punch carpets used during the tradeshow. Since 2019, we have supervised all the waste created from the venue, aiming for a recycling rate of 100%.