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​ 会期変更に伴い、出展者オーディションも延長いたします。 


​2020.9.10(THU) - 12.10(THU)

A newly-born creator wanted

A newly-born creator wanted


Policy of rooms41 (as of April 30th)

As for rooms41, we're planning to hold on 3rd through 5th of September, 2020, monitoring the situation of home and abroad.

If you're thinking of exhibiting next time, please refer to the following below.

1)In case the show is postponed or canceled
If we decide to cancel the show due to the instruction or requirement from the government, we'll cancel the show in September and postpone it to February in 2021. We'll carry over the paid fee as it is to the postponed show in Feb., but if you cannot exhibit in that date, we'll return the whole fee instead.

*We'll judge if we should cancel/postpone the show by the end of July at latest.

2)  COVID-19 Infection Prevention Policy
We have summarized the COVID-19 infection prevention countermeasure policy in ROOMS41 in the document. Please check from the button below.


​A newly-born creator wanted


A newly-born creator wanted

TOKYO:〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山 5-7-17 小原流会館8F (03-3499-0822)
OSAKA:〒531-0072 大阪府大阪市北区豊崎3-10-2-701 (070-1295-6664)

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