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About online showrooms

ROOMS online showroom
24H / 365DAYS Open all year round

Opened “rooms online showroom” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, open all year round from March this year. In conjunction with "Real Showroom in Tokyo", we will follow the transactions of participating brands and creators with buyers.












March 1st-May 31st



June 3 – August 31

​We are accepting exhibition applications at any time

Market / Osaka

July 1st (Thursday) -5th (Monday)



September 15th – November 30th

​We are accepting exhibition applications at any time

* One year is divided into four periods, A, B, C, and D. (Including maintenance period of about 1 week each season)

A BtoB platform with full trading capabilities to connect brands and buyers throughout the season and do business. We will expand the brand's business with services that support the various purposes of participation of the brand, such as wholesale, OEM, POP-UP, and collaboration.

Recommended points of ROOMS online showroom

Held 24H / 360 days

Real exhibitions are held twice a year for three days each, while online showrooms are held 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We divide the year into four seasons every three months, and replace brands and products every season. The sales season, such as the launch time of new products and the setting of gift seasons, varies depending on the brand. By holding online exhibitions all year round, rooms will improve the convenience of brands and buyers and aim for closer matching.

1. Abundant free services



We are planning to hold POP-UP EVENTs in Tokyo and Osaka in July, where you can actually see and buy products from exhibiting brands with 90% buyer satisfaction.


With live streaming

Support product introduction

Create exposure opportunities


Support business

Free seminar


Visitor data can also be managed

Unique analysis function


Increase brand awareness

Thorough promotion

4. Reasonable pricing

3. Prepare a brand "stage"

Official video channels and interactive content with brand participation such as live distribution are also available. A dedicated distribution team will support you. You can use the stage to fully convey the background of your brand.


Delivering the real voice of exhibitors


――How was it when you actually participated?

It was a very interesting result, with many voices from companies that could not be connected at regular exhibitions, such as interviews with industry newspapers and online shops in Vancouver.

The big harvest this time was that I was able to experience the goodness and atmosphere of the online exhibition. Until now, I couldn't start exhibiting because I couldn't get an image of using it just by listening to the goodness and usage of the online exhibition. However, once you experience it, you will have a concrete image of what to prepare and how to utilize it.

"A stimulating place where different opportunities are created and one's values and ways of thinking change"

Exhibiting brand: Luka

――What made you participate?
I have exhibited at rooms about 3 times in the past.

Online is out for the first time this time.

If you are worried, we recommend that you join us first.
In addition, online is an exciting place where you can create new opportunities and change your own values and ways of thinking, so I would like to continue to consider exhibiting. When I first applied for an exhibition, I didn't realize that the service was so good. Services such as LIVE distribution and real showrooms are really substantial, and I think that the exhibition price is cheap overall (laughs).



Abundant free services


ACADEMY / Webinar

ONLINE SHOWROOM Exhibitor-only webinar that shares knowledge and experience, such as seminars to listen to the voices of buyers and shop staff at the forefront of sales, and workshops where creators can learn.


PLAY / brand movie

ONLINE SHOWROOM We will publish and distribute the official video channel that collects videos of exhibiting brands on Youtube. Please take a look at where creation is born.




We are planning to hold POP-UP EVENTs in Tokyo and Osaka in July, where you can actually see and buy products from brands exhibited by ONLINE SHOWROOM with 90% buyer satisfaction.


DISCOVER / brand introduction

Rooms staff will introduce exhibiting brands and favorite items on the official website every week. Please also pay attention to the diverse personalities of the rooms staff.


LIVE SHOWs / Live streaming

From the venue of the real event, we plan to hold an IG live distribution that introduces exhibitors, continuing from the previous time.


JOURNAL / Reading

It's a creative reading that the rooms staff updates on an irregular basis and makes you want to read it.




“Online exhibition SEASON B will be held for 3 months from June 3rd to August 31st, 2021”

・ We are accepting member registration now.
・ Member registration is free.

・ If you registered as a member at the previous online exhibition, you can log in with your registered ID / PW.


SEASON C:2021.09.15(水)-11.30(火)

We are accepting exhibition applications at any time

Application and documents submission deadline  

1/26 Application → 2/2 Material submission deadline → 2/24 release
2/12 application → 2/24 material submission date → 3/10 release

A real showroom that you can actually see in your hands

Only for the next season C (held from September to November), we will prepare a sample exhibition space limited to 50 companies at the creative festival rooms43 scheduled to be held in October. (* Included as a free service.)



To creative people

This is an archive video of the exhibition information session of the online exhibition held on January 27 (Wednesday). Many people participated, and many questions were asked on the day, and it was a very informative briefing session. Introducing services unique to ROOMS and newly added functions. In addition, based on the results of the previous online exhibition, we explain how to utilize the online showroom.