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rooms is coming in your city.


Aiming for regional revitalization through interaction with creators from all over Japan

Traveling market event "rooms JOURNEY 01"


Creative and sustainable thought and culture,
More than 80 groups of creators with ideas gather



ROOMS JOURNEY 01 Venue map


Let's go around the event with your passport!


LINE Friend Present Campaign

Invite a variety of guests and take home knowledge and sensibility WORKSHOP PARK

Reservation-based workshop

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Reception & free consultation


Feature Brand


"Wellness market" where about 30 groups such as femtech, CBD, beauty, etc., which are hints for living healthy and happy, gather. Please choose the one that feels good and the one that is comfortable as you like.

H-11 New Stand Tokyo

The "future daily necessities store" that first landed in New York. With the curation theme of "What is the future standard?", We handle a variety of products from high-quality daily necessities around the world to cutting-edge tech items.

H-48  CBD (coffee)

CBD (cannabidiol) contained in hemp, which is commonplace overseas. CBD (coffee), which offers beauty and health smoothies with CBD oil dropped and specialty coffee, has landed for the first time in Osaka.

H-12   Leon art jewelry created by 海と梨

One-of-a-kind works reach each person and give a little boost to their own inner strength and hope. We make accessories with the image that can be said to be such a belief.

H-55  HAKKO LAND produced by 岸紅子

Six brands of genuine HAKKO, which are sourced from Kishi Kyoko, an ambassador of the Ministry of the Environment and a specialist in beauty and fermentation, have opened stores. Zusu bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, butyrate-producing bacteria ... Please experience the unique microorganisms.


Prior to the opening of the summer, we will unveil the charm of GREENable HIRUZEN, where you can experience "good for yourself = good for the earth", including an activity menu where you can enjoy environmental conservation activities as if you were leisure on the weekend.


“Rooms Online SHOWROOM”, a wholesale site for buyers that is not normally open to the public, will be available for the first time for a limited time. You may be able to meet new products before they are lined up in the store! ??


At the venue with the theme of "Sustainable Street," about 50 creative and sustainable brands are lined up in a space that resembles a fictitious city. There are also live paintings of street art and a park with domestic roses.

St-3  エシカルコンビニ

First appearance at Hankyu Umeda Main Store. It is a new type of convenience store that displays ethical activities that give "triggers" to face problems to be solved all over the world from their activities and products that tackle and act on various problems.


A local culture magazine that cherishes regionality and contemporaryity. There are many projects such as talk shows that connect bookstores all over the country online and ZINE workshops that can only be made by Hankyu.


In order to let people know the goodness of not only leather products but also domestic leather, this project is based on the concept of touching the materials and craftsmanship, touching through experiences such as workshops, and touching the charm of leather from multiple angles.


An art project run and transmitted by an artist with the concept of "co-creation". Twenty local artists will perform guerrilla-like live painting on the walls of the venue and finally sell it as a work.

 St-2  植物染料実験工房

Focusing on plant dye researchers, we will collaborate with creators in various specialized fields such as dyeing and weaving writers, textile designers, pattern dyers, and weavers of Chirimen Tango to develop new products, inherit and research and develop plant dyes and dyeing techniques. doing.

St-111  ROSETIQUE by Miwako × golden child garden

An original brand of domestic rose specialty store and organic rose operated by flower designer Miwako. Domestic rose promotion activity Dream Rose JAPAN project is also developed. Please enjoy the mellow scent of domestic roses.

Special cooperation: JF Tsurumi Hanaki Co., Ltd.


At the Hankyu Umeda Gallery, five artists worked on expressions unique to the artists themselves and the community, without being bound by existing values. "A different map drawn together with everyone."-I will take the place. You will change ~ ”is held.

G-1 German Suplex Airlines × GASAKI BASE

An exhibition of the Great Buddha by German Suplex Airlines, an art project, and GASAKI BASE, which has the know-how of self-manufacturing "living is creating". Hundreds of decorated small Buddha statues will be assembled to display a model that imitates one large Buddha statue. We have asked various people in the town to decorate the small Buddha, and we will record the state of going to ask for production and show a documentary video at the venue.


Using vision and phenomena, he presents works and installations that pursue the truth of things through the experience of the act of "seeing." A group of three-dimensional works in which photographs are confined in acrylic, "The World of One" (2015), "The Crumbling World" with algorithms (2016), "Space of Prayer" to experience the architectural space (2017), Light and Shadow The theme is "BLANC / BLACK" (2019).


A contemporary art artist who awakens the "wild" sensibility in response to the universe. The production is done through shamanic activities that bring musical instruments and divide naturally. He has been keenly interested in demons since he was a child, and has been hunting the world of philosophy, folklore, and myths since the time of art school. ..



Let's enjoy the event more!







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2021.03.11 10:00-18:00 BUSINESS DAY

2021.03.12 10:00-17:00 BUSINESS DAY

              17:00-21:00 MARKET DAY

2021.03.13 10:00-18:00 MARKET DAY

2021.03.11 10:00-18:00 BUSINESS DAY

2021.03.12 10:00-17:00 BUSINESS DAY

              17:00-21:00 MARKET DAY

2021.03.13 10:00-18:00 MARKET DAY


Outline of the event


Draw with everyone " Different map.''

2021.03.11 10:00-18:00 BUSINESS DAY

2021.03.12 10:00-17:00 BUSINESS DAY

              17:00-21:00 MARKET DAY

2021.03.13 10:00-18:00 MARKET DAY