Born in Tokyo in 1972. Recorded in “50 artists around the world who manipulate light”, which was noted in chair (2008). “Just around the corner” built based on the original “Forced Sense Motion” exhibited in Art Miami, TEFAF Maastricht, including multifaceted activities such as permanent exhibition of three-dimensional sculptures at “Japan Pavilion” at Shanghai Expo and collaboration with Van Cleef & Arpel Etc. First released in Japan at rooms40.



2009 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Architecture / 2013 Completed Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo. While traveling in the world since school days, he has been working and producing works on the theme of nature. In 2019, he participated as an invited artist at the international art exhibition in Slovenia. The only exhibition continues after the end. Currently experimenting with bricollage.



A solo exhibition of WOUTERS & HENDRIX, currently held at the National Diamond Museum in Antwerp, is held in Japan. WOUTERS & HENDRIX The designers are Catlin Utters and Karen Hendrix from Belgium. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Engraving Department in Antwerp. Jewelry design started in 1985. Featuring a bold work with couture-like but unique humor utilizing the characteristics of semi-precious stones and sterling silver.

This installation is an inspiration from the “Room of Wonder II: Wouters & Hendrix” exhibition held at DIVA, Antwerp's Diamond Museum from September 12, 2019 to February 16, 2020. Scenography concept by Bob Verhelst, curation by Romy Cox and Katrin Wouters & Karen Hendrix


​Holistic Life Marche

A marche of food and cosmetics curated by Akiko Kishi, a holistic beautician and the Ministry of the Environment's Ministry of the Environment “Let's Support and Support the Forest” We propose a holistic life that is organic and ethical and is gentle on people and the earth. The SDGs business award winning Japanese brand “Minna Mirai”, the beef eco wrap from Australia that can be used repeatedly, the jute eco bag from the “Trellis Cooper” New Zealand brand not yet released in Japan, and other simple organic products A diverse lineup of foods and enteric foods.

"Industrial Waste Summit"

“Nakadai” is an industrial waste disposal company that processes 60 tons of waste (garbage) every day and boasts an amazing 99% recycling rate. The "Industrial Waste Summit" produced by Nakadai will finally join the rooms. As a non-waste project exhibition, we will disclose information and things that can be used as hints for new environmental businesses, such as ideas that are not restricted to the industry and various examples of collaborations with other industries. In rooms40, why don't you aim for the realization of a society based on recycling, thinking about the future after use?



Born in 1960. From Kobe city. Graduated from Osaka University of the Arts, Department of Design. He is active in a wide range of fields, including actors, talents, narrators, columnists, and “faced” artists. The “folded face” on display is an art method named in 1994 by Takashi Matsuo. It is one of the contemporary arts that expresses the “faces” of all humanity, including the features and expressions, as well as the world view, using origami techniques, a beautiful traditional culture born in Japan.

Sustainable Dialogue Café

<Sustainable Dialogue Café>, produced by a naturalist, Daisuke Sukuta, who lives a sustainable self-sufficient life in the New Zealand forest, has appeared in the ethical area. He has loved nature since childhood and has been promoting organic for many years, bringing together ethical brands from New Zealand, an environmental nation, and from overseas. At the cafe, you can enjoy <Dialogue = Dialogue>, workshops and talk sessions with youth environmental groups while tasting the Farm to Table food truck “Miss Eden” and tasting organic and fair trade “Slow Coffee”. Why don't you understand the real situation of the climate crisis through dialogues between generations and aim for a sustainable future?

STEAM LAB "Diversity of Leaning"

Attention now, which is also recommended by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, "STEAM (Steam) education". Children's Tinkering Studio (Little Land Co., Ltd.), which is developing a new learning technique called "Tinkering" that approaches this STEAM education from art, will be exhibited at rooms for the first time. Developing the “power to shape inspiration” born from children's “awareness” while feeling close to technology, such as visual programming, electronic work, and digital painting, with workshops that must be seen not only by children but also by adults. Has become. Please come and visit us.

* STEAM is a coined word that takes the initials of Science (Science / Science), Technology (Technology / Technology), Engineering (Engineering / Engineering), Art (Art / Art), and Mathematics (Mathematics / Mathematics). .

​and more...

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