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EMERGING will be a new plan to send out to the world while rooms support the discovery and training of new creators. The audition will be stricter than usual and it will be a narrow gate, but the exhibition fee to rooms is free. It is a plan to walk with creators aiming for the world with an aggressive attitude.

I was born only at this time

Inevitably a world of accidental colors

Leon art jewelry created by 海と梨

Beyond the planned harmony by drawing with two people


"Leon art jewelry" is an accessory brand, but its creators, Kaito and Rino, have almost no intention of making any kind of accessories. The two draw in color as their hearts go. A part of the art work "Stardust Painting" that captures the moment of the once-in-a-lifetime meeting will be transformed into accessories.


"We don't have a division of roles. We both draw with a brush at the same time. I didn't draw with the image of completion, so even if I draw it, the other person will say," Oh, put that color there⁈ " There were a lot of surprises like ... "(Mr. Rino)


"When I finish drawing this picture, sometimes I stop when I think it's a good balance between the two, and sometimes I improvise and start drawing and stop when the song is over. There are no rules at all. "(Mr. Kaito)


A contingency created by drawing together. The painter himself is completely unpredictable.

"There is more completion on top of completion. If you draw by yourself, it's hard to exceed your expectations, but if you don't exceed the planned harmony, you can't complete it. (Mr. Rino)


What I was looking for alone seemed to be two people

It's been about two years since Kaito and Rino met. The opportunity was a painting class run by illustrator Takahiro Kimura.


"I was a person who played baseball from elementary school to college, and I enjoyed working as a member of society and buying what I liked!" Then, I felt uncomfortable that I was just consuming and not producing anything. In 2018, I entered a watercolor painting class and started drawing, and the next one was Mr. Kimura's private school. " (Mr. Kaito)


"Since I was a kid, I've loved doing ballet and standing on the stage, and I wanted to create a dream world, so I went to a high school with a theater department to study stage art. At university, I studied the history and philosophy of art, and after that I used to work part-time and draw pictures without getting a job, and I also attended Kimura-san's classroom. "(Mr. Rino)


When two people meet, art that was not born alone is born. From there, the technique that is a big attraction of the current "Leon art jewelry" was born. "I've been searching for my own style while making the stage and drawing pictures. In that," I really like colors, I want to wear colors. I want to wear them on my body. " Last year, I found a technique for making marble patterns, and that became the axis of "Leon art jewelry". "(Mr. Rino)

Accessories to wear a part of the world


"Leon art jewelry" is not an accessory, but an item that brings back the world view of the art work drawn by the two of them. Each work is accompanied by words that cut out a part of the world. The word is mysterious, and the interpretation of the meaning is left to each person who brings it back. It also becomes a door to a world that exceeds the planned harmony, which the two of them never expected.


"I'm glad that we were able to show our style of exhibiting art works in rooms, having them see the accessories in the world view, and having them take them home. I'm glad to many people. It was a great encouragement for me. "(Mr. Kaito)


"I was confident of the mystery that there is absolutely nothing we make in the world (laughs), but I was very happy to be selected as" EMERGING ". I created an exhibition booth because I wanted you to feel the power of painting and the power of creating works first. "(Mr. Rino)


In fact, in rooms41, many spectators, mainly women, visit the booth, and some people are immersed in the world of works for a long time alone. The concept of "Leon art jewelry" to bring back fragments of the world seems to have stabbed those people.


Q  What is your favorite painter?


Klimt! When I saw the real thing in Austria, I thought, "It's a big chorus of colors" (Mr. Rino)

Q  How to choose when buying clothes?

I like the idea of the brand and the world view, and I often choose clothes there. I like Cosmic Wonder (Mr. Kaito)


アートボード 1.png

Leon art jewelry created by sea and pear

Leon art jewelry is a one-of-a-kind accessory brand created using the art work "Stardust Painting". In addition, each accessory is accompanied by a poem.

"Umi to Pear" is an art team based in Osaka and Yokohama formed by two artists, Kaito Tokito and Rino Tokito. "Leon art jewelry" was launched last year by two people who have been energetically engaged in activities such as live painting and video production in addition to painting exhibitions, with the concept of "experiencing art with the body".