Dear all customers,

First of all, we sincerely appreciate your loyalty and concern to our business, and we’re deeply concerned about many of you living tough days due to the pandemic of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).


Although we cannot see daylight of the end of this situation today, we’re already preparing for the next exhibition “rooms41”, held from 3rd through 5th of September 2020. We’re now working together with the related staffs of the new venue and other companies, watching the domestic situation carefully.


We suppose a lot of people spend anxious days, and at the same time we appreciate people who make efforts to solve the problems and those who give us the usual days in the current situation. We’re looking for what we can do now and hope from the bottom of our heart that such distressed days will pass and we could meet each other with smiles someday.


We’ll get through this together.


Sincerely yours,

All staffs of rooms

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ROOMS41 オーディション受付


TOKYO:〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山 5-7-17 小原流会館8F (03-3499-0822)
OSAKA:〒531-0072 大阪府大阪市北区豊崎3-10-2-701 (070-1295-6664)

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